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Our talented team helps our clients to employ the optimum organisational resilience infomarmation managemet solutions (ORIMS). 


Our philosophy is that we study our clients' technological capability either there a current information system or willing to deploy a new platform.

Our services include two main areas.


  • Supply and install management information systems; risk management, business contuity, board management, incident management, reporting and early warning systems.


  • Designing tailored software, we specialised in turning the intranet, SharePoint or similar, to a comprehensive organisational resilience management platform.


Purchase, Intsall and support ORIMS

We consider multiple factors, as such financial and resources capability besides the security, when advising a client about the software that suits the organization needs the best.


Building ORIMS

If the client requires to develop an in-house ORIMS , we have the expertise to develop; add-in, SQL database or full platform. We grantee a solution that integrates with the organisation current technological means.

One of our unique qualities is transforming the current organisation’s non-risk management software into a complete risk management solution.

We activate, configure and enhance different aspects of your systems to accommodate risk assessment and reporting.

Our most straightforward means is using the organisation internet, ERP and other project management solution as a comprehensive risk management information system.


Qualifying an existing ORIMS

If the existing ORIMS is outdated or not meeting the function, we carry out refurbishing to qualify the system to fulfil its needs. 


Integration of ORIMS

Strategic planning and reporting need a sight into real-time information of the highest threats to the organisation. We develop exchange bridges between different systems.